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A Gothic Universe

Shadow Veil Streetwear Trousers | Black Straps Pockets Pants

Shadow Veil Streetwear Trousers | Black Straps Pockets Pants

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Shadow Veil.

Embrace the Darkness, Unleash Your Style – A Gothic Universe.

  • Low Rise Sophistication: The Shadow Veil Streetwear Trousers redefine low-rise with a touch of sophistication, offering a bold and confident silhouette that demands attention.

  • Cotton Comfort: Crafted from premium cotton, these trousers not only make a style statement but also provide unparalleled comfort. Embrace your edgy side without compromising on softness.

  • Denim Rebellion: Immerse yourself in denim rebellion with the Shadow Veil pants. The denim fabric adds a rugged edge, ensuring durability while maintaining the timeless charm of classic streetwear.

  • Mysterious Metal Buckles: Elevate your style with metal buckle leg rings that add a mysterious flair to your ensemble. Each buckle is a nod to individuality, a subtle rebellion against the mundane.

  • Emo Aesthetics, Streetwear Fusion: These trousers seamlessly blend emo aesthetics with streetwear vibes, creating a fusion that resonates with those who seek a unique and enigmatic fashion expression.

  • Harajuku Edge: Experience the Harajuku edge in every detail. The Shadow Veil trousers bring the spirit of Harajuku to your wardrobe, making a bold statement that transcends cultural boundaries.

  • Dark Academia Narrative: Step into a dark academia narrative with every wear. These trousers aren't just garments; they're a canvas for your personal story, an exploration of elegance in the shadows.

  • Strap-In Confidence: The metal buckle leg rings not only add an industrial edge but also symbolize a confident stride. Strap into these trousers and confidently navigate the urban landscape with style.

  • Y2K Rebellion: Embrace a Y2K rebellion with these pants that speak the language of the future. A blend of retro and contemporary, the Shadow Veil trousers are a nod to individuality in the digital age.

  • Gothic Universe Signature: This product bears the signature of A Gothic Universe, ensuring that you don't just wear fashion; you embody a universe of gothic expression with every step.

  • S - Waist: 26.7" /Hip: 36.6" / Length: 42.5"
  • M: -Waist: 28.3" / Hip: 38" / Length: 42.9"
  • L: - Waist: 30" / Hip: 39.7" /Length: 43.3"
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Are perfect. As in the image and of good quality, in addition to arriving very quickly! Highly recommended, of my favorite pants right now :)