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A Gothic Universe

Shadow Blossom Collection | Unleash Your Inner Elegance, Conquer the Night

Shadow Blossom Collection | Unleash Your Inner Elegance, Conquer the Night

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Shadow Blossom.

Dress in Shadows, Dance in Moonlight – A Gothic Universe Exclusive.

Introducing the Shadow Blossom Collection - an audacious fusion of darkness and allure that will redefine your style narrative. This edgy ensemble, crafted meticulously from a luxurious cotton blend, invites you to embrace the beauty that thrives in the shadows.

Dive into the depths of sophistication with our Black & Red themed masterpiece. The plaid patchwork mini skirt is a captivating canvas of contrasts, intertwining the boldness of black with the passion of red, creating a visual symphony that demands attention.

But there's more to this collection than meets the eye. The tiered ruffles, strategically placed, add a touch of rebellion, creating layers of texture that dance with every movement. The tiered design not only adds flair to the silhouette but also embodies a bold statement, epitomizing the fearless spirit of the Shadow Blossom wearer.

Crafted from a premium cotton blend, this ensemble is not just a style statement; it's a tactile experience. The fabric hugs you in comfort while maintaining its shape, ensuring that you not only look exceptional but feel exceptional too.

The Shadow Blossom Collection is more than just clothing; it's an attitude. It beckons the bold, the daring, and those who refuse to be confined by conventional fashion norms. This is an invitation to embody the spirit of rebellion, to bloom in the darkness, and to make a statement that echoes beyond the shadows.

Are you ready to let the Shadow Blossom Collection redefine your style? Step into the darkness, embrace the allure, and let your fashion resonate with the edgy symphony of Black & Red, Cotton Blend, and Tiered Ruffles. A Gothic Universe awaits – where every shadow is a canvas, and every blossom tells a story.

Polyester/Cotton, Single Breasted, Bow Tie, Suspenders, Corset Lace-Up, A-line, Long Sleeve, Ruffle Wrist design, Above Knee Length, 3-piece set!

 Shirt Size:

  • S: Bust 32.2"/ Shoulder 14"/ Length 24"/ Sleeve 25"
  • M: Bust 33.8"/ Shoulder 14.5"/ Length 24.4"/ Sleeve 25.1"
  • L: Bust 35.4"/ Shoulder 15.3"/ Length 24.8"/ Sleeve 25.9"
  • XL: Bust 37"/ Shoulder 15.7"/ Length 25"/ Sleeve 26.3"
Corset Size:
  • S: Bust 32.2"/  length 7"/ Waist 25"
  • M: Bust 33.8"/ length 7.2"/ Waist 26.3"
  • L: Bust 35.4"/  length 7.4"/ Waist 27.5"
  • XL: Bust 36.2"/ length 7.6"/ Waist 28.7"
Skirt Size:
  • S: Waist 24.4"/ length 18"/ Hips 36"
  • M: Waist 25.9"/ length 18.5"/ Hips 37.7"
  • L: Waist 27.5"/ length 18.8"/ Hips 39.3"
  • XL: Waist 29.1"/ length 19.2"/ Hips 40.1"
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Customer Reviews

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Nikoletta R.

Really cute outfit :). Comes with all accessories and fits well. Comfortable material and very nice quality.