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Rainbow Fluorite Silver OM Pendulum | Harmonizing Spiritual Energy

Rainbow Fluorite Silver OM Pendulum | Harmonizing Spiritual Energy

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Size - approximately 1"

Properties of Fluorite:
•Clarity, clearing energy fields

Chakras: ALL

Spiritual properties:
• Aids with cleansing the astral body, & enhancing mental clarity

•Fluorite is a highly protective & stabilizing stone, useful for grounding & harmonizing spiritual energy.
•It works like a "psychic or energetic vacuum cleaner" clearing the energetic environment of clutter, chaos, & astral contamination.

What do we love about Rainbow Fluorite?
•The powerful combination of energetic properties through layers.

Purple ~ Purification & Protection of the Aura.
Black ~ Astral Cleanser.
Yellow ~ Magnifies Mental Powers, Harmonizes Chaotic Energy.
Green ~ Cleanses & Heals Heart Chakra.
Pink ~ Cleanses & Heals Emotional Body.
Blue ~ Spiritual Awakening, Communication Between Physical & Spiritual Planes.

Who’s it good for?
•Rainbow Fluorite should be a staple stone for those who are sensitive to energy, especially Empaths.
•It's a powerful stone if you are wanting to balance & stabilize your energetic field.
•For those who are psychically sensitive Rainbow Fluorite is a good stone to wear daily, put near your bed, or keep with you if you are trying to keep negative energy at bay.

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