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Affirmation Makeup Palette | Magic Artistry 18 Colors

Affirmation Makeup Palette | Magic Artistry 18 Colors

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Morphe X Ashley Strong.

• An 18-shade Ashley Strong curation of cool-toned mattes & glitzy metallics, all designed to complement & amplify one another.
• Each tone is named to be a daily affirmation for you to bring positive energy & empowerment to your look.
• Ashley’s pro tip: say the name of each shadow out loud as you apply to slow down, let go, & create magic with each application.

▪︎ I Am Calm: icey blue.
▪︎ I Am Brave: burnt sienna.
▪︎ I Am Talented: sepia.
▪︎ I Am Exact: slate shimmer.
▪︎ I Am Happy: ocher.
▪︎ I Am Kind: dark mauve.
▪︎ I Am Focused: olive green.
▪︎ I Am Radiant: bronze shimmer.
▪︎ I Am Loved: dusty rose.
▪︎ I Am Beautiful: dark blue shimmer.
▪︎ I Am Powerful: forest green.
▪︎ I Am Unique: pink shimmer.
▪︎ I Am Confident: dark teal.
▪︎ I Am Magical: dark teal shimmer.
▪︎ I Am Thankful: light brown.
▪︎ I Am Empowered: blue shimmer.
▪︎ I Am Unstoppable: black.
▪︎ I Am Creative: mauve shimmer.

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