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Bathory Lipstick | Deep Red Buttery Formula Vegan Highly Pigmented

Bathory Lipstick | Deep Red Buttery Formula Vegan Highly Pigmented

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This deep true red lippie is the key to unlocking your inner devil.

• Are you ready to burn deep from the hellflame?
• With a smooth, buttery formula scented in vanilla, this lipstick will feel like a dream on your lips.
• And let's not forget about the pigmentation - it's highly pigmented to add some serious oomph to your look!

• But here's the real kicker - the deep red shade.
This isn't your ordinary red lipstick, honey.
This is the kind of red that makes a statement and demands attention.
• With the Bathory Matte Lipstick, you'll be radiating confidence and power, ready to take on the world and leave a trail of heartbreak in your wake.

☆ And let's not forget - it's vegan and cruelty-free.
So you can slay with a clear conscience, knowing that you're not harming any animals in the process.
• So go ahead, you fiery vixen - seal your look with a kiss in the Bathory Matte Lipstick and burn bright from the hellflame.
• You deserve to feel like the devilish queen you are.

• Contains 0.15 fl oz / 4.27g.
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