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A Gothic Universe

Enchanting Elegance Victorian Gothic Lolita 3-Piece Dress Set | Burgundy & Black

Enchanting Elegance Victorian Gothic Lolita 3-Piece Dress Set | Burgundy & Black

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Enchanting Elegance.

Step into A Gothic Universe: Where Romance Meets Rebellion.

  • Step into the mysterious embrace of the Enchanting Elegance Victorian Gothic Lolita 3-Piece Dress Set, where elegance meets rebellion in a daring dance of lace and bows. This avant-garde ensemble is not merely a dress; it's a statement, a bold proclamation of your individuality.
  • Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Victorian aesthetics, reimagined with a contemporary edge. The slim bandage princess dress contours your figure with an almost wicked grace, teasing the line between sophistication and seduction. The intricate lace bow, a nod to Gothic Lolita tradition, adorns the ensemble, whispering tales of a bygone era while maintaining a rebellious, modern twist.
  • But that's not all – the removable sleeve jacket adds a touch of drama, allowing you to transform your look from enchanting elegance to edgy rebellion with a single move. Unleash your inner punk princess or embrace the classic Gothic romanticism; the choice is yours.
  • Whether you're gracing a Harajuku gathering or commanding attention at an evening party, this dress set is your ticket to standing out in a crowd. A Gothic Universe brings you a creation that transcends fashion, inviting you to be a part of a narrative that fuses Victorian grandeur with a contemporary, rebellious spirit.
  • Dress not just for the occasion but for the experience. Embrace the darkness, dance with the shadows, and let the Enchanting Elegance Victorian Gothic Lolita 3-Piece Dress Set be the canvas for your unique story. Elevate your style, make a statement, and become a living embodiment of A Gothic Universe.

 Coat Size: 

  • S: length: 9.4" / Shoulder: 13.7" / bust: 35.4" / Sleeve: 12.5"
  • M: length: 9.8" / Shoulder: 14" / bust: 37" / Sleeve: 13"
  • L: length: 10.2" / Shoulder: 14.5" / bust: 38.5" / Sleeve:13.5"
  • XL: length: 10.6" / Shoulder: 15" / bust: 40" / Sleeve: 13.9"

 Top Size:

  • S: length: 14.7" / bust: 32.3"-33.8" / Waist: 24.4"- 25.9"
  • M: length: 14.5" / bust: 33.8"-35.4" / Waist: 25.9"-27.5"
  • L: length: 14.9" / bust: 35.4"-37" / Waist: 27.5"-29.1"
  • XL: length: 15.3" / bust: 37"-38.5" / Waist: 29.7"-32.5"

 Skirt Size:

  • S: length: 18" / Waist: 24.4"-26"
  • M: length: 18.5" / Waist: 26"-27.5"
  • L: length: 18.8" / Waist: 27.5"-29"
  • XL: length: 19.2" / Waist: 29"-30.7"


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Customer Reviews

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WOW, this beautiful, arrived long before the expected time, I was delighted.
It comes in 3 separate parts, the skirt, the corset type and the bag, it is beautiful and it fascinates me that it is this way since it is much easier to put on. 10/10 incredible service and fascinating quality.


Very quality, exactly the same at the picture