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A Gothic Universe

Moonlit Geisha Harajuku Lace Vestidos | Dance in Moonlight, Adorn in Lace

Moonlit Geisha Harajuku Lace Vestidos | Dance in Moonlight, Adorn in Lace

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Moonlit Geisha.

  • Description: Immerse yourself in the moonlit mystique of Japanese Gothic fashion with this lace masterpiece, where ethereal meets edgy and tradition dances with rebellion.
  • Color Palette: A canvas of pure white serves as a rebellious backdrop, inviting you to redefine conventional norms and embrace a style that transcends the ordinary.
  • Lace Details: Intricate lace cascades like moonbeams, creating a spellbinding tapestry of sophistication and adding a touch of timeless Victorian-inspired allure.
  • Style Persona: Picture yourself as a modern Geisha navigating the Harajuku streets with an air of mystery and charm, adorned in the delicate lace that speaks volumes about your fearless individuality.
  • Silhouette: The vestido's silhouette is a canvas of contradiction – soft yet bold, classic yet rebellious, inviting you to step into a fashion narrative that's uniquely yours to tell.
  • Details: Lace-up accents and punk undertones add an edge to the Victorian influence, creating a harmonious blend that defies traditional norms.
  • Versatility: Whether attending a tea party or making a statement on the streets of Harajuku, this vestido is your passport to an alternative universe of style, transcending seasons with its delicate rebellion.
  • Fashion Statement: White is not just a color but a canvas for self-expression, symbolizing purity with a rebellious streak, inviting you to become the enchanting protagonist in your very own Gothic tale.
  • Brand Spirit: Embrace the delicate rebellion, indulge in Victorian opulence, and redefine your style narrative with the Moonlit Geisha Harajuku Lace Vestidos from "A Gothic Universe.


  • S: Length 22.8"/ Bust 35.4"/ Sleeve 24.4"/ Shoulder 14.5"
  • M: Length 23.2"/ Bust 37" / Sleeve 24.8"/ Shoulder 14.9"
  • L: Length 23.6"/ Bust 58.5"/ Sleeve 25.1"/ Shoulder 15.3"


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Customer Reviews

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Nikoletta R.

Cute traditional Lolita style shirt. Cream colored more than white but still cute, has some nice lace on the sleeves. Good quality material and fits well.